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Honey Citron Tea

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Honey Citron Tea


  • Packing description : 300g/bottle x 24 btls/ctn, 500g/bottle x 20 btls/ctn, 580g/bottle x 20 btls/ctn, 1000g/bottle x 12 btls/ctn, 2000g/bottle x 6 btls/ctn

  • Shelf life : 2 years from Manufacturing date

We use fresh citron grown in Geoje island, Gohung in Korea. Citron is rich in Vitamin C that is effective in preventing cold, cough as well as improving to relieve fatigue. It is considered to have antibiotic properties


  • Honey Jujube Tea
    - We use fresh Korean jujube. Jujube helps relieve their stress, remove reactive oxygen and boost anti-aging activity. And it improves the blood circulation and is good for cold hands and feet. It is effective in preventing cold, cough and good for the respiratory organs.

  • Honey Ginger Tea
    - Adding lemon is a way to make it taste better and get more benefits from it. It fights cancer and protects against Alzheimer’s Disease. It improves blood Circulation of stomach and stimulates appetite. It helps to manage glucose levels and stop motion sickness(car sickness). It blocks acid from heartburn and improves your breath. It strengthens immunity and protects against nuclear radiation.

  • Lemon Tea
    - Lemon Tea benefits for Cold and Flu and helps in cleansing body systems such as skin, digestive systems leaving us active and healthy. Lemon juice is also very well known for its natural antiseptic properties so it helps treating and healing infections and diseases inside out. When taking lemon with green tea, lemon helps to prevents catechin from green tea (anti-cancer ingredients) not destroyed during the digestion up to 80% and prevent the cancer related to digestive organs.

  • Honey Black Raspberry Tea
    - We use fresh Korean Black Raspberry. It increases secretion of the se x hormone of both male and female. It is good for kidney and hangover relief and it strengthens the liver function so it is efficient to recover from chronic fatigue.

  • Honey Aloe Tea
    - Aloe helps to promote blood circulation, sterilizing action, anti-inflammatory effect and immunity in the body.